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Gunball 2 Emperors Revenge

Posted by kizi18 on April 28 2013, 07:13am

Categories: #Gunball 2 Emperors Revenge, #Kizi 2, #Shooting Games

Gunball 2 Emperors Revenge

Shoot other balls as you grab their scrapes. Keep moving backwards to avoid damage.


WASD keys to move. Use mouse to aim and shoot.

Play game : Gunball 2 emperors revenge

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John 03/14/2015 00:50

Thank you for the read. Honestly you covered the topic and broadly examined all areas. If i was to write this i would have done a few things differently myself but you have definitely inspired me to get into the world of blogging. Thanks heaps for the post i really appreciate it. Have a good day and keep blogging**^^%%

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